The Keyboards Types

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Ever since computers came into wide exploitation, the advancements of all their parts have taken place. The screen has changed from the quadrate to the rectangle size. The mouse has lost its wire and now can work using the battery only. The keyboard wasn’t an exception either, so nowadays one can enjoy the great range of the most various pc keyboards for sale on Jiji. But what are the most common, widely used, and well-tested keyboard types? Let’s find it out!

Standard Keyboard


The standard keyboard is the most basic form of all keyboards. But still they can have some variations in accordance to how the keys are placed. QWERTY keyboard is the most common type, which is used in the majority of countries, while the AZERTY is used in French countries, where the Q and W are replaced with A and Z.

Ergonomic Keyboard



The ergonomic keyboards are designed especially in order to minimize the muscle strain and avoid any kinds of wrist injuries in the future. The ergonomics are meant to reduce stress on muscles of your hands and fingers as their key buttons are designed and placed in the most comfortable for you way. Besides, the ergonomic keyboards are able to improve your typing skills and speed, which is especially useful at work.

Compact Keyboards



The compact keyboards are typically used in laptops, where the right numeric part is absent. To keep the functions working, these keyboards rely on the use of multiple key buttons combinations. There is also a touch-pad included instead of the regular mouse.

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Rollup Keyboards




The rollup keyboards are extremely convenient for travelling. They are especially helpful for those going on business trips very often. Typically, the rollup keyboards are made of either silicone or polyurethane. So this makes this type of keyboard easy to roll them up and unroll when it’s needed.

Gaming Keyboards


The gaming keyboards are very similar to the standard ones, but they contain some extra features, such as illuminated keys, multimedia keys, palm rest, and others. The illuminated key buttons are especially helpful for playing games at nights. The multimedia key buttons are used for adjusting the volume, changing the musical tracks while continuing to play your game.

Laser Keyboards


The laser keyboard is the latest introduction of the keyboard types in the world of computing. This kind of device projects the keyboard onto the surface like the table or desk, therefore letting you type directly on the table. However, there are some gaps in the development of this device, so it still needs some improvement.


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