Azealia Banks In Tears As She Insists Russell Crowe ‘Choked And Spit On Her’ (VIDEO)


Azealia Banks broke in a tearful interview about the night she claims actor Russell Crowe choked her, spit on her and made a racial slur as he threw her out of his hotel suite earlier this month.
The rapper told Access Hollywood on Thursday that she was humiliated by the episode in which many of Crowe’s party guests contradicted her version of events from that night.

“Every time something like this happens, I’m always like being blamed for like wanting this kind of attention. Like, who fucking wants to tell someone they got spat on? That’s humiliating. I’m just really, really humiliated.”

Azealia said ‘ that Crowe was drinking and mocked the quality of one of her music videos and demeaned her career.

She said she responded by dissing his career, telling him ‘Well nobodies checking for you right now… so whoa whoa whoa let’s settle down’
She said that following that she got into a heated exchange with a female guest.
‘I had a glass in my hand because I was drinking’ the rapper explained while denying reports she threatened to cut anyone with broken glass.

‘He chokes me, picks me up, throws me out of the room and spits on me.’
When she looked to RZA for support, Azealia said she could tell he was irritated that she’d ‘f***** up his seat at the table with the white guys’




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