There Was A Disconnect – Body Language Expert Analyses Donald Trump And Melania’s Body Language After His Victory


Following his unprecedented win,  Donald Trump ‘s body language with his wife, Melania has been analysed He failed to show a strong bond with his wife Melania, body language expert Judie James tells UK Mirror..

She said

His family stood in a line behind him and to one side but it was noticeable that there was a certain disconnect in terms of the new president and his first lady.We’re used to seeing emphatic double acts at this stage with hugs and kisses and mirrored, twinned status signals but although Trump thanked his wife verbally there were no signals of preference or intimacy.

He thanked everyone in the same way without bringing his wife forward for the photogenic cuddle to emphasise their strongest bonds.

Ivanka seems to be the key crowd-pleaser as she got the biggest cheer when her name was called.

When Trump finished his speech he went through the line of family and supporters but even then there were no emphatic tie-signs, his wife got one kiss on one cheek like everyone else and there was a small suggestion that she was expecting two and/or a hug.At the end Trump stomped off-stage leading all the others and his wife followed in the line-up like everyone else.




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