Guys,Open Your Eyes!These Are 3 Signs That Your Woman Might Be A Closeted Lesbian

There are certain signs that can almost prove to you that the woman in your life has a different sexual orientation than you imagined.

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Contrary to popular belief, men are oftentimes heartbroken to learn that their girlfriend or wife is interested in dating women.
The media likes to portray men as admirers of lesbian and bisexual romance; however, when the man is completely left out of the picture, it’s not so attractive anymore.
In fact, the men almost feel embarrassed by the fact that they didn’t notice and/or outright ignored the signs — at least, this is what a handful of men revealed to me when I asked them about their experience with dating a closeted lesbian.
Of course, there is no definitive way to know whether or not your that your girlfriend/wife is a lesbian, unless you catch her in the act and/or she tells you, but here are three possible signs:
1. She has a really possessive best friend.
Women who are closeted lesbians may have one female friend who poses as a “best friend,” but she’s your wife’s/girlfriend’s actual lover. The best friend does not like you and picks fights with your significant other whenever your needs supersedes her own. The same best friend rarely ever has a boyfriend, and if she does, she seems to have little-to-no regard for him.
2. She gets very physical with her female friends.
One of the men I spoke with prior to writing this article told me he once walked in on his girlfriend “wrestling” with a lady friend. The women were in their 20s and were not involved in any athletic activities. Another male informed me that he’d watch his girlfriend find the smallest reason to touch other women. If a woman had so much as a breadcrumb resting on one of her breαsts, his girlfriend would eagerly swipe it off.
3. She’d rather do anything else than sleep with you.
It’s already known that because of testosterone, the average man craves intimacy far more than the average women, so this sign could get a bit tricky. If you find that your significant other makes up tons of excuses as to why she can’t sleep with you 3 out of the 4 times you attempt to sleep with her, chances are, she’s more interested in being romantically linked with a woman and/or she is not interested in sleeping with you.
In her “coming out” open letter, a writer for Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” series wrote that she’d prefer to read a book instead of having sëx with her husband, whom she’d dated for six years prior to their marriage, and now realizes that her lack of interest in sleeping with him was one of several signs that she was interested in women.
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