Help! I Love My Boyfriend But I Can’t Stop Sleeping Around…Am I Possessed?

I am in love with my boyfriend but I cannot stop cheating on him. Is anything wrong with me? Young lady cries out

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I’ve been cheating on my boyfriend for a very long time. I really love him and I’m scared he’ll be really angry when I tell him or he finds out.
I had s*x with someone else at uni and most times when I go clubbing I bring a guy home. We might not actually end up having s*x, but I always end up getting frisky with him.
Recently, this happened two nights in a row and on the second evening I went on to spend the night at my boyfriend’s place.
I felt so bad and he kept asking what was wrong. I love him and I know he loves me too and has never cheated on me. He was so patient with me when we met and it was about four months before we made love.
I’m not very good at hiding things from him – I always end up telling him or I will make some heavy hints – and as he’s smart he always has a way of putting two and two together.
He takes a lot of things that other guys wouldn’t put up with. I go out and come back home drunk at 11pm and he never says anything about it, although I know it upsets him.
I love him so much, but should I tell him I’ve been cheating? I cheated on him last night, too. I really want to stop but I can’t. Please help.





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