Hilarious! Watch Ex-Vice President, Atiku Do the ‘Dab Dance’ on Stage (Photo+Video)

Former vice president was today, taught how to dab on stage by the students of a University as the crowd roared with laughter after so many failed attempts.

Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, who was inaugurating the American University of Nigeria Law School, was captured on camera trying his hand at the popular dab dance alongside a group of students on Thursday.
Dabbing which is made popular in recent times is when a dancer raises a hand to the face, then drops the face into the elbow of that arm while lifting up the other arm up in the air.
The crowd roared with laughter after so many failed attempts by the 69-year-old former VP to make his elbow touch his forehead.
The influential APC politician who posted the video clip on Twitter, and saw his attempt at ‘dabbing’ come off as a an aerobic exercise session, captioned the clip, "Earlier today, I also learned to do this dance they called dab."




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