Meet the ‘Sperm Checking’ Lady Who Weighs Her Hubby’s Testicles Everyday to Check If He Had Sex Outside (Photos+Video)

A very young couple has washed their dirty linen on live television programme after the wife accused the hubby of cheating and also revealed how she devised a means of checking if he’d had s*x anytime he returns home.

the lady, Tia, who checks her hubby’s testicles to see if he cheats
Two high school sweethearts who married at the age of 19, are heading for divorce after numerous fights over cheating allegations.
The marriage began going through a rough patch after Jermaine turned 21 and was legally able to drink alcohol and began hanging out at clubs and bars with other women.
The couple laughing over their lifestyle on a TV programme
His wife Tia says ever since he turned 21, he has been acting differently and spends more time in bars socialising with women.
Jermaine even admitted that he had cheated on her on one occasion, but the mother-of-one Tia, is not convinced that he cheated only once.
The couple
According to her, she weighs his testicles whenever he returns home to see if he’s been having s*x elsewhere. She checks to see if the scrotum is still heavy with sperm or if he’s emptied his "tank" outside.
She even dubbed his moves in bed as “the lazy doodle”, claiming that he didn’t “have the energy” to perform in the bedroom when they were having s*x, leading her to believe he had been astray.
Watch the hilarious video clip below.




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