Oh No! 14-year-old Girl Dies After Writing Exam…Doctors Reveal Shocking Details

A little 14-year-old student has tragically lost her life after writing an examination with doctors stunned after realizing what could have caused the girl’s death.

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A 14-year-old student left people in shock as she died after writing the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) on Wednesday. The incident happened after she finished sitting for her Mathematics and English papers on Tuesday in Samburu County area of Kenya.
According to The Kenyans, the little girl in Girgir Boarding Primary School, started complaining of stomach ache and began bleeding profusely before she was rushed to Archers Post Dispensary on Tuesday night. 
Later, the incident intensified as she was transferred to Wamba Mission Hospital where she died on Wednesday morning after her parents were called.
Her death was confirmed by the Samburu County Police boss Mr Francis Kumut. Shockingly, the police boss disclosed that doctors suspected the girl had attempted an abortion before things took a tragic turn, adding that investigations had been launched into the incident. 
“We received reports that the pupil was found bleeding heavily in the school’s dormitory by her matron. She was complaining of sharp stomach pains and was immediately taken to Archers Post Dispensary,” Mr Kumut told a local daily. 





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