Pure Water Scarcity Bites Harder in Ibadan

The largest city in West Africa, Ibadan is currently suffering from the scarcity of sachet water as producers plan on price hike.

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Residents of Ibadan, Oyo State have continued to lament the continued scarcity of ‘pure water’.
Leadership learnt that there was plan by the pure water producer to increase the price from N100.00 to N200.00.
It was gathered that for the past one week, the distributor of the product have refused to sell to customers. The Leadership learnt that the high cost of production had forced the producer to stop production.
According to a source, the high cost materials some of which are imported is responsible for the increase in the price of water. As a result, some of the sellers who still have the product have increase the price from N120.00 to N200.00.
Three sachets of pure water which used to sell for N20.00 now sell for N50.00. The scarcity of the product had forced consumers to look for alternative.
While some people now resort to wells and streams for their drinking water, others trek distance searching for the product.
A seller, known as Iya Onidida told a reporter that the distributor had informed her that the product would now be sold for N150.00 per bag.
She said though that distributor had refused to sell for past week, the buyer would not sell bellow N200 to the consumers. Some of the consumers who spoke on the scarcity lamented that it was unfortunate that there was no regulatory agency to control the price of the product.
However, they said Nigerians might not have option than to continue the product at high price.

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