Two Topless Anti-Trump Protesters Arrested After Showing Up At His Polling Place (PHOTOS)


Two bare-chested anti-trump protesters were arrested earlier today when they stormed Trumps’s Manhattan Polling place.The , identified by police as Tiffany Robson, 28, and Neda Topaloski, 30, were, shouting “Grab your balls! Out of our polls!”

The protest appears to be in response to the leaked hot-mic recording from 2005 of Donald Trump bragging that stardom entitles him to “grab” women by their genitals without their consent.

They managed to march around nearly naked for roughly 30 seconds before the Secret Service and police officers escorted them out of the school and arrested them.The women are members of the U.S. chapter of FEMEN, an international feminist organization that frequently stages topless protests, according to the movement’s leader, Inna Shevchenko.

“We staged the protest before the arrival of Trump at the voting station to make a statement against Trump’s politics of discrimination and oppression of women and minorities,” Shevchenko told the Daily News.

After their release ordan Robson (l.) and Neda Topaloski (r.)

Robson said she’s been watching incredulously as Donald Trump gets closer to the White House.

I can’t imagine living in a country that would elect him,” she said. “It’s almost surreal that he’s gotten this far.

Hours later,  Trump showed up at the polling place to cast his vote.
NY Daily News




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