Woman Loses Job Offer Because Of Her Tattoos


A woman has cried out after losing a job because of her tattoos. Kelly Andrews was interviewed for a front-of-house position at the Earl of Doncaster Hotel in Doncaster and says she was basically offered the job that day.
The 33-year-old received an email afterwards asking her to come in again to go through the role and meet other members of staff,Metro UK reports.

Kelly, a mother of three, started arranging childcare for her two-year-old daughter. She even turned two other jobs because of her offer at the Earl.

However, she was shocked to receive another email telling her that the offer was being withdrawn – because the owner had an ‘issue’ with her tattoos

‘I was really upset by it all as I was so pleased to get the job,’ she said. ‘I feel I’m being labelled because I’ve got tattoos, more than discrimination. The one on my chest cost about £300. They are art, not offensive.’

Kelly has more than 22 tattoos on her body, but only eight on her arms, chest and hands were visible during the interview.
She also said that, as she would have needed to wear a uniform with long trousers, a jacket and a neck scarf, most of them would have been covered anyway.

When Kelly contacted them to say most of the tattoos would be covered, she was sent another email saying that the tattoos on her knuckles – which spell out ‘STAY TRUE’ – were a problem for them.

‘Not once did anyone ever say anything about my tattoos during the two meetings,’ she said.




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