Woman Shows Off The ‘Shocking’ Aftermath Of Her Sudden Weightloss (PHOTOS)


A woman was left with loose skin that resembled a ‘melting candle’ after losing 16 stone.Celia Shroder, 32, had been viciously bullied since childhood for her weight and ridiculed for wearing adult clothes when she was just 11.

The mum-of-four decided to turn her life around after fearing her children would also be tormented for having an overweight parent.

Five years ago Celia, from Colorado, U.S., underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost a staggering 16 stone but was devastated she was left with masses of sagging skin.

According to Daily Mirror, three months ago, the full-time mum had surgery to remove the flab and now a svelte 11st 4lbs, says she is happy with her body for the first time in her life.

Celia said:

 “My excess skin looked like a melted candle, it was as if the skin was dripping down my body.
“I wanted to feel good about how much weight I’d lost, but because of the skin I hated how I looked.”It was so bad that I had to buy clothing two sizes bigger so that I could fit all of my excess skin in.
“The extra skin caused problem for me when exercising, I had constant infections and rashes, it all made me feel miserable.Before I used to have to skin folds hanging from my stomach, but now that it has been reduced I feel a lot happier.”My self-perception is much better.

It’s helped my confidence and now I finally feel comfortable in my own body.Now when I look at myself in the mirror I like what I see for the first time in my life.”Before I would avoid mirrors at all costs, I’d never like to look at myself, now I’m the opposite and feel great.”




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