How Do Electric Kettles Work?

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Electric kettle is a necessary and often used home appliance. Every morning starts with a cup of fragrant tea, and in the evening you can spend a delightful time relaxing.

If you want your electric kettle to serve you as long as possible, you need to take care of it properly. Taking this into account, it may be useful to understand how this device functions!

Let’s figure out how to properly use electric kettle.


Modern kettles comprise three main elements:

  • the appliance itself;
  • the base;
  • the power cord.

  • Types of the heating element

    The heating element is the main part of the kettle. Depending on its location, kettles could be categorized into two types:

    • open heating plate;
    • closed heating element.

    The principle of operation of the kettle

    When you put the kettle filled with water on the base and press the power button, the electric current moves from the outlet to the heating element. The water starts boiling. If you remove the kettle from the base before boiling, the kettle switches off immediately and the water stops to heat up.




    How does the water get heated? Initially, the heating element heats the lower layers of water. Then, as a result of convection movement, the lower layers are lifted up, and the cold water from the top of the kettle goes down and gets heated. This occurs continuously until the water starts boiling and the kettle switches off.

    Automatic switch is possible because the switch mechanism reacts to the steam produced in the process of boiling. Solid kettle case is responsible for preservation of water temperature in the kettle. Metal kettles consume the biggest amount of electricity, while ceramic kettles retain heat longer.

    Modern expensive electric kettles are equipped with a special function that prevents the kettle from heating if there is no water in it.

    If you pour less water into the kettle than it is minimally required, the appliance can get out of order. The same thing can happen if you turn the kettle on while it is completely empty.


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