Dora Akunyili’s health deteriorate, to be flown abroad


DORA-A1Former NAFDAC Director General and one-time Minister of Information Mrs Dora Akunyili’s health has deteriorated according to new reports. Mrs Akunyili, who is a delegate at the on-going national confab (though she hasn’t made an appearance for several weeks), was admitted at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja a few days ago after her condition worsened. She became even worse last night and was reportedly instructed by her doctors to seek immediate medical attention abroad. There are reports that she will most likely be flown abroad in the coming days.

Dora Akunyili was recently in the news when she appeared at the National Confab as a delegate looking very pale and a shadow of her old self. She revealed that she had been ill with a life threatening illness but survived it and was declared fit by her doctors to resume her normal life.

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