Only an Igbo Man Can Rescue Nigeria from Recession – Primate Ayodele Talks on the Nation’s Economic Woes

Nigeria’s present economic woes can only be resolved if an Igbo man is placed at the helm of the country’s economic affairs. This is the candid solution proferred by Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele.

Primate Ayodele
The Spiritual head of INRI Spiritual Evangelical Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has stated that the only way to end recession in Nigeria is to appoint an Igbo indigene to manage the economy.
He advocated that the head of Nigeria’s Economic Team and the Minister of Finance should be an Igbo, and warned that failure to do this would see the country go in circles.
Primate Ayodele, who insisted that Nigeria was not being managed by the right set of people, said recession was a situation that must be dealt with seriously.
He said: “The CBN governor, like I said before now, has to be removed because he is not the solution to Nigeria’s economic woes.

“All the members constituting the country’s economic team have to be removed if this administration wants to show us that they are serious about getting us out of recession.

“An Igbo man should head the economic team and recession will come to an end. Even the minister of Finance should be removed and those who understand what the economic situation is all about should be made to occupy the position.”
He added that the Nigerian government should do away with dollar and form an alliance with the Chinese “and let us see what will happen to our economy.”
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  1. Of the 3 original regions of Nigeria, the Western Region is held back by laziness and pernicious tradition; the Northern Region is held back by fatalism and destructive Religion; the long-suffering Eastern Region is held back mainly by Nigeria itself. Were it not for the enforced union in this failed nation, Biafra would have by now been the toast of the whole earth. Once a foundation is faulty, any structure built on it will collapse.

    The foundation of Nigeria is faulty. Any effort that the exceptionally hard-working and gifted Biafrans make to develop Nigeria without correcting the faulty foundation would be futile. We must first lay a new foundation – either Biafra as a self-governing part of a renewed Nigerian confederation (the Aburi Solution) or Biafra as an independent State (the IPOB solution).

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